Q: What does BRING SMILE do?

Ans: BRING SMILE is channelising the unused material lying idle in urban homes, to the far-flung villages of India as an important economic resource. Although we deal with all kinds of underutilized material but the prime focus is clothing, one of the most ignored basic needs of human kind.

Q: How was BRING SMILE formed? Who formed it and why?

Ans: BRING SMILE was formed in 2011 by Sudhir Kumar. The organization does not believe in a lot of hierarchical layers.

Q: Are you a registered body?

Ans: Yes, BRING SMILE is registered under Societies Act.

Q: Where all do you have your formal offices?

Ans: BRING SMILE 94, Block J, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110031 About Volunteering

Q: How can I volunteer with BRING SMILE?

Ans: Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, nationality can volunteer with BRING SMILE in many different ways, even sitting at home. Visit our website www.bringsmilengo.org for a list of volunteering opportunities or call up the BRING SMILE office 011-6510-3040) to find out what suits your circumstances.

Q: Do I have to pay any membership fee to become your member/ volunteer?

Ans: No, there is no membership fee etc for joining BRING SMILE. Anyone anywhere can become a member by joining our work in different capacities.

Q: If I want to open a dropping center at my place what is the procedure?

Ans: If you are in the cities where we have our own operations you can get in touch with our regional offices to find out more about setting up a dropping centre.

Q: Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with BRING SMILE?

Ans: On request we will surely issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteer with BRING SMILE on the tasks assigned by us . On the other hand we strongly discourage people from approaching us with requests from their friend’s, relatives children, college kids wanting a certificate when they are not actually interested in working with us as a volunteer.